Coner Oberst And The Mystic valley Band… Nice!!!

July 31, 2008 at 6:24 pm (Music Reviews and Pictures) (, , , , , , , )

Corey Bayless

Photo Taken By: Corey Bayless

So Honestly, I have never heard of Coner Oberst or the Mystic Valley Band. But they did what any sold out show band at Neumo’s would do, make you like them. Not being familiar with this band was anything but a problem; they hit the stage and got the job done. Their set was fantastic.

Piper and I enjoyed this band from start to finish, with their smooth Guitar solos, to the catchy riffs that got you grooving. The Lead Singer Coner Oberst understands what it takes to get a crowd off their feet, and this is music were sometimes you may find it hard to do so. I have never been to much into a little country, but for some reason I totally got kicks out of listening to that same genera of music last night.

This band seemed to have it all, the Country to the new age pop, to some solo guitaring by Coner. The set was comprised off all these amazing elements that can leave what was an ok night to being I would love to see them again.


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