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If you want to know everything about the music scene from around the country not just Washington, go to

Please visit this site it is edited by Dave Rheins, who is the with Spin magazine and Rolling Stone… Check it out, totally worth it.


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Wow, A bold New Step!!! I like it

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Check this out guys, It is pretty amazing what steps are being taken, join the WE so we can make this happen sooner.

Dear Corey,

Every so often, a leader says something so simply and clearly that it’s almost impossible to ignore. That happened last week with Al Gore’s challenge.

More than a quarter of a million people have watched the speech, and major papers across the country continue to write about it. Watch the highlights here.

He challenged America to generate 100% of our electricity from sources that do not lead to global warming — and to do it within 10 years. Meeting this ambitious goal would create millions of new jobs, lead to permanently lower energy costs for families and help America lead the fight against global warming. Watch his powerful speech here.

John McCain couldn’t ignore it, saying “if the Vice President says it’s doable, I believe it’s doable.”

And Barack Obama said, “I strongly agree with Vice President Gore that we cannot drill our way to energy independence, but must fast-track investments in renewable sources of energy like solar power, wind power and advanced biofuels.”

Please take a quick look. If you’ve already seen it, please forward it to at least ten friends. The technology to make this shift is ready. What is missing is political will — and that’s why we need more people to see this speech and join the We Campaign.


Matt, Lauren, Melissa and rest of the online team

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Bullet For My Valentine!!! There Are No words!!!

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Corey Bayless

Photo Taken By: Corey Bayless

Once again the Showbox Sodo out did itself. This time the chaos-causing bands were Toronto’s own Cancer Bats, California’s Bleeding Through, and United Kingdom’s Bullet For My Valentine. The “No Fear Tour” line-up brought some head-thrashing metal, with a mix of some quick finger work on the fret board from Bullet For My Valentine’s Michael Paget. All in all this show proved to be the most bruising experience for me — and my now broken camera.

As I approached the Showbox Sodo, I could see only one thing: a wall of people that stretched as far as I could see. This brought several thoughts to my mind: one being, ‘ this show is going to be nuts,’ and the second, ‘how am I going to get shots of these bands?’

As I walked past the wall of people, I saw it was a mix of young and old. Hell, I thought, I can push my way past the old and weaker folks… However this show was going to prove to be a lot more painful than I initially thought , due in large part to the huge number of people jamming their way into the relatively small venue.

As we finally got in, I had to rush up to the front to see the action. When the Cancer Bats came out, I had to hunker down in order to hold my coveted position or I’d have no hope getting the required pictures. Lead singer of the Cancer Bats Liam Cormier blazed out on the stage, screaming the lyrics to his first song. Up to this point, the crowd had been motionless waiting for the bands to take the stage. At the opening rebel yell, a violent mosh erupted and the hard metal hardcore music fueled that rage and caused mayhem to reign amongst the pit members. The Cancer Bats came out with a ridiculous amount of energy driven by the drop D riffs from guitarist Scott Middleton. This set was borderline insane, and I found myself buffetted around the room, receiving the first of this night’s many bumps and bruises. And it only got rougher, because up next was Bleeding Through.

The band’s name says it all. Leading the madness was BT’s lead singer Brandan Schieppati, with his tattooed torso and and overall metalcore persona, had no trouble whipping up the crowd into a hardcore frenzy. This metalcore music mixed with a keyboard and double kick drumming will definitely get you off your feet, and will motivate you to move, if not to dance, then to take your ya-yas out on the the person next to you. Together, the pandemonium of double kick drums, the insane guitar riffs, and Brandan Schieppati’s screaming lyrics made for a very violent circle mosh pit: the type of scene that leaves your shirt ripped and your nose bloody , if not broken. Bleeding Through is the real deal, with the looks, and most importantly the songs (like my personal favorites, “Love Lost in a Hale of Gun Fire,” and “On Wings of Lead,”) that brought pure and beautiful chaos to this Pacific Northwest concert.

Bullet For My Valentine is comprised of guitarist and lead singer Matt Tuck, Lead Guitarist Michael Paget, Bass guitarist Jason James, and drummer Michael Thomas. With Several top 50 chart toper singles in the US and Uk, like “4 Words (to choke upon),” “Tears Don’t Fall,” and “Scream Aim Fire.” The Showbox was in for some serious destruction, because Bullet For My Valentine mixes some insane guitar solos with some hard riffs, this perfect mix of sounds was going to be more then my camera could take. As I stood second row, (best vantage point for shots) with my new friend Elise protecting each other from the insanity of moshing and crowd surfing. Somehow we where able to listen to the ear blasting heavy metal rock that was coming synonymously from Matt Tuck, Michael Paget, Jason James, and Michael Thomas. This collaboration of sounds became the perfect melody that everyone knew Bullet For My Valentine for.

As the show ended with the traditional encore after a jaw-dropping performance, my body being smashed first row up against the railing was telling me that I had had enough. Once again, survival of the fittest won in this battle, unfortunately my camera was not one of those survivors.

RIP Fuji Film 10… 😦

By: Corey Bayless




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Bleeding Through Killing it!!!

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Corey Bayless

Photo Taken By: Corey Bayless

Here is Bleeding Through’s guitarist Jona Weinhofen killing the set, see more pictures at the site. 

Citizen Image 2008


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Cancer Bats Live at Showbox sodo

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Corey Bayless

Photo Taken By: Corey Bayless

Cancer Bats live at the showbox Sodo

Citizen Image 2008

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The ASS family

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It is the ASS family… Very creative

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Cool Picture

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Hmm Now that is just cool!!! Wonder how that guys is feeling?

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The Crowd at El Corazon’s Flobots show

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Corey Bayless

Photo Taken By: Corey Bayless

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Flobots Article is here!!!

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The Flobots hit Seattle’s El Corazon on their third stop of a long enduring tour planned. The Flobots have a new injection of hip hop to implant into the main stream music industry. With Supporting acts, Bus Driver and DoomTree, the three crews gave the crowd more then what they asked. The politically charged Flobots brought forth their style and message in a way that convinces even the convincless, this world is time for change and we are the insurgents.

The opening act did what it is supposed to do, open and get the crowd charged to hear the other acts. Bus Driver traversed this path and attained a higher level than just an opening act. With his wickedly fast rap and sense of humor he pleased the crowd with his jovial sense of style. While on stage during the performance he mixed his backgrounds beats with his miniature turntable and then proceeded to add his rap style to each mix. The style and act that was put on did more than impress; it set the stage for the next group who blew me away with their sense of individuality in their music.

DoomTree which is comprised of,Cecil Otter, Dessa, LazerBeak, Marshall Larada, Mick Mictlan, Paper Tiger, P.O.S., Sims, Tom Servo, and Turbo Nemesis came out on stage with a masterful presence. P.O.S. Made the announcement that Doomtree was here and immediately went to work on the crowd. The Doomtree crew all had a story to tell and each rapped with the expressions of pure heart through the words they spoke. It was an injection of rap that was fresh and it had no expression of derogatory content; it taught lessons about loving not hating. As each rapper spit their story you could feel the energy and emotion behind each word. Their ability to reach people with their music was to the level that some musicians can only dream. This really help set the stage for Flobots because everybody in El Corazon was definitely feeling this Minneapolis crew Doomtree.

The Flobots just came onto the music scene in 2001. Jonny 5, the Flobots lead rapper along with Brer Rabbit and teamed up with Violist, Mackenzie Roberts, bassist Jesse Walker, guitarist Andy Guerrero (from funk band Bop Skizzum), trumpet player Joe Ferrone (also from Bop Skizzum), and drummer Kenny Ortiz. Colorado’s own Flobots have hit the scene and are now on their first major national tour. With their smash hit handlebars, the Flobots are definitely here to stay. From the quality of the performance, it will be no surprise that they are going to hit it mainstream in no time at all. Their CD, Fight with tools, was released in 2007 with Universal republic records as one of a two CD major label Deal.

As the Flobots came out on stage, they immediately won over the crowd with their amazing remix of the smash hit Killing in the Name of by Rage Against the Machine. Mackenzie Roberts played Tom Morellos guitar riff on her viola and she even gave it a remix of her own. It was outstanding, and it super charged the crowd into a daze and confused feeling of excitement. Each band member from the Flobots was incredible; they came together as a band and stayed together the entire set. Each member fueled off each other; it was very impressive. The entire show was borderline phenomenal, until the Hit handlebars. As soon as that song came on, El Corazon became an eruption of screaming and cheering, it was what we had waited for. As the song finished its famous lyrics, “I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars, noooo handlebars” the crowd exploded into cheers for a good thirty seconds. It was a performance that will forever stay with me.

As the show came to a final close the crowd’s expectations were completely blown away. All of the crews went above their call of duty and really showed that they are here to stay.

By: Corey Bayless



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Bus Driver Pics Up!!!

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Corey Bayless

Photo Taken By: Corey Bayless

All the Pictures are up from last night Enjoy…

Article Coming soon-

-Corey bayless

Citizen Image 2008

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