I finally Got to see my Favorite Child Hood Band… Anti Flag

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Anti Flag

Anti Flag

This is a band that i have been following since their EP came out. I of course was in a stage in my life, Junior High were being the punk skater was the cool thing to do. Hence down with authority, anarchy and all that shit was something that all the punk skater kids all had in common. regardless, this band has grown, and

Anti Flag Chris #2

Anti Flag Chris #2

 without a doubt still has that same ass kicking sound they did before. Except now the difference between then and now is they can put on one hell of a fucking show. With Frontman Justin Sane and his strange but amazing voice, he really knows how to get a crowd to erupt into a uncontrollable mosh pit. I of course sat back and watched the mayhem unfold because of the five thousand dollar camera equipment that I had.

So Clearly this band is going places, with eight CD’s under their belt and several hits CD’s like Bright Lights of America from RCA records, this band is sure to bring that show stopping ability to every concert. If punk rawk is what you ern for, then definitely check out Anti Flag.


Corey B…

Anti Flag Justin Sane

Anti Flag Justin Sane


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  1. Kathie Meyer said,

    Hey, how do I get in touch with you to publish one of your photos in the Port Townsend weekly newspaper? Please call 360-385-5100, ext. 126. Am hoping to use the photo you took of New Faces by their drum. Need a 300 dpi resolution by Sunday night, if possible.


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