Moneta At the Showbox at the Market!!!

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This band does more than impress they bring the house down. Out of all the bands that I have seen this summer, the most important aspect to anything is how well you play live. If you don’t have a good live show, then you can pretty much assume that your band is not going to get out of the garage.



For Moneta putting on a live show at a popular venue like the Showbox at the Market proved to be anything but difficult. With lights, smoke and a fucking sweet line up of songs, your sure to be blown away by their show stopping ability.  I could not help but feel the music, the organization of sound was all in unison and if there were any mistakes, who could tell.  

The moshing was there, the music was certainly there and they made even the most negative thinkers that this band was for real.

It was very evident this band stole the night, Once again it is all about the music, and I left the showbox with another notch on my music belt with a band that absolutely killed it, Moneta.

So Thank you to Chris who hooked me up with this front row view of a fantastic performance, and one hell of a fucking night.


Corey B…

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Also if your interested in hearing their music check out their Myspace

Moneta Rocking the House

Moneta Rocking the House


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