Im glad that I am getting a good response to Thermal Depolymerization: Energy-Crisis Solution

June 25, 2008 at 9:01 pm (My thoughts On Thermal Depolymerization) (, , , , , )

This is great guys thank you, I am glad that my views have doubled since I posted the article on Thermal Depolymerization: Energy-Crisis Solution. I think it is our right to know about this new technology, and it would be great if I got some comments on what you all thought about this new energy crisis solution.

            I struggle with a couple of things, first being that the global warming problem is due to our burning of fossil fuels, does this just add to the problem? I know that they talk about Nano diesel which is supposed to be a cleaner form of fuel, but regardless, doesn’t this just add to the growing problem of global warming?

Second, this idea is great but when do you think we are going to start seeing these supposed gas prices drop to one dollar?

I think that if you have not done so already everyone who views this blog should become a part of, This will be very important for the green generation so that our kids can still admire the beauty that earth has. Plus I think that anything that has to do with energy conservation is very important.

This problem is very real and people should start acting. If you have ignored it tell now, then let this be your wakeup call!!! Also, Please read the article, it can definitely make your day a little better becasue it can give you a little more faith into what the human race is capable of. If you don’t like to read then watch the Video.           

                 !!!Please Get involved it will save the planet!!!


















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